Test certificates:
FeNi test certificate 1  FeNi certificate 1
FeNi test certificate 2  FeNi certificate 2
FeNi test certificate 3  FeNi certificate 3
FeNi test certificate 4  FeNi certificate 4
FeNi test certificate 5  FeNi certificate 5
FeNi test certificate 6  FeNi certificate 6
Ni-resist test certificate 1  Ni-resist certificate 1
Ni-resist test certificate 2  Ni-resist certificate 2
Ni-resist test certificate 3  Ni-resist certificate 3

We buy:
- Molybdenum ore
- Nickel based scrap

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Liteiniye Zavodi  
Liteiniye Zavodi is a producer of ferro-nickel ingots, ni-resist cast irons and precision castings. Our plants are based on the outskirts of Moscow, Russia. We have been successfully exporting our products to Europe since 1997.

Ferro-Nickel Ferro-Nickel ingots Ferronickel
We currently produce up to 250 MT per month. A weight of an ingot can range from 5kg min to 1.2 tonnes max. A convenient weight, however, for us is between 200 to 600 kg. The chemical elements' content in alloy may be modified as per buyer's request.
Ferro-Molybdenum Ferro-Molybdenum chunks Ferromolybdenum
We produce 20 MT of FeMo-60 per month according to GOST 4759-91 (ISO 5452-80) in 50-100mm chunks and packaged in big bags.
Ni-resist cast iron
Ni-resist Cast Iron Ni-resist Cast Iron Niresist
Niresist cast irons contain 14-17% nickel and can be used a scrap. We can supply between 40 to 100 MT per month. Weight of ingot (bar) can range from 25 kg to 600 kg. It is possible to modify size and type for casting according to client's requirments.
Precision castings Precision castings Castings
We offer precision castings for pumps and ready-to-use items for oil production, engine manufacturing, construction and space industries. The quality of castings is guaranteed by perfect operation of Quality Control and laboratory tests: chemical, chemical-engineering, microscopic metallography, mechanical tests, spectral, roentgen, ultrasound control, magnetic test and dye penetration inspection.

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